"If the basic idea is too complicated to fit on a T-shirt
it's probably wrong."- Leon Lederman


Today much of the so-called “science” in the media and the political scene is nothing more than junk science. A collection of information based on feelings and ideas, but lacking rigorously tested data.

Since this information has not been tested, it has not gone through a skeptical analysis or been verified by the process of the scientific method. Being "peer reviewed" is not a replacement for the scientific method.

So, the first goal of this course is to help you understand what science is and is not. Never Forget that science has limitations.

Furthermore, the second goal is to equip you with the necessary tools for making informed decisions concerning scientific information. You need to understand and interpret data, so that you do not become prey to those who would deceive you.

Finally, the third goal of this IPC course is to familiarize you with matter, its components, and its motion.